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  • Trisha Chatto. 19. Boholana.
    I am a lover of random road trips, late night walks, gazing at the stars.
    Libraries feel like home. You could leave me alone for days and I'd just stuff my nose in a book. Flowers and music are the ways to my heart. I am a traveller. I have a growing collection of cultural costumes, expensive but incredibly beautiful. Watching Gymnastics and Figure skating videos are my secret obsessions. Not so secret anymore. I love to sing but my voice refuses to cooperate.

    I am emotionally unstable.You will notice my roller coaster of moods on this blog.
    I apologize in advance for whatever you are about to read.

    This blog will be my diary. My rant page. so I don't expect you to enjoy it. or maybe you will. depends on how weird you are.

    Lastly, I wish you would give me that candy cane.

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